Rental agreement terms and conditions



1. Driver’s Age
Driver should be of minimum age of 25 years old . Drivers aged 21 – 24 years and 70 – 75 years are subject to additional charge of €7.00 per rental day.

2. Drivier’s license
Driver must have a valid Driving license issued at least 1 year (21 – 24 yrs minimum3years)

3. Methods of Payment
a. The use of a Credit card is a necessary guarantee prerequisite for all car categories, regardless of the means of payment. The procedure includes pre-approval on the cost of Rental, the Waiver amount of CDW / SCDW (if chosen) as well as the cost of fuel and any other extras

b. Prepaid Reservation Cancellation Policy
- Customers cancelling their reservation up to 72 hours before pick-up time, will be refunded the full reservation prepaid amount. 
- Customers cancelling their reservation between 72 and 24 hours before pick-up time will be refunded 90% of the reservation prepaid amount. 
- Customers cancelling their reservation less that 24 hours before pick-up time will be refunded 75% of the reservation amount. 
- Non-Show customers, or customers cancelling later that the pick-up time will not be refunded.

4. Minimum Rental Period
2 day (48 hours)

5. Insurance:
Prices include the below mentioned Insurance coverages:
a. In Case of Death or injury of thirds or vehicle passengers except the driver, up to €1.000.000 per claim, irrelevant of the number of claims.

b. In Case of third persons’ property damages, as above up to 1.000.000€ per claim irrelevant of number of claims

6. Collision Damage Waiver
Prices include Collision damage waiver according to the Car category that has been chosen. Customer’s liability is reduced to €900. Additional products are available to limit liability.

7. Super Collision Damage Waiver
Customers can reduce liability to ZERO for all categories with a cost of €10 per rental day.

8. Car Theft (TW)
Prices include Car Theft insurance with excess amount €900 for all categories.

9. Personal Belongings & Valuables
Please note there is no cover possible for personal belongings / and or valuables stolen / lost from the vehicle or damaged during an accident or during the rental period.

10. WWI Insurance 
Glass / Tyres insurance is offered for €4 per rental day.

11. Accident processing fee 
The Driver is charged with €30.00 administration fee in case of an accident he/she is held liable for. This amount is not refundable.

12. Second Driver Surcharge
€5.00 per rental day. Please also refer to drivers age / license requirements

13. Fuel
 To be paid by the customer in advance. Re-Fuelling Service Charge is 20 Euros

14. Child Seats
Can be provided for children from the ages of 6 months to  5 years , following a confirmed reservation with an extra charge of €7.00 per rental day

15. Multilingual GPS System
Can be provided, following a confirmed reservation, with an extra charge of €10.00 per rental day     ( Deposit required for unit )

16. Car Categories
Car models displayed is indicative only. The Company holds the right to change the model without any prior notice to another of the same or similar category.

17. Delivery/ Collection
 Inside station city limits: with an extra charge of 15 € for any car category per direction within City limits. Outside city limits 25€ per direction.

18. Single Direction Rentals / One Way Rentals 
General charge €35.00 per rental.

19. Tax / VAT
19 %. VAT included in the prices displayed / quoted

20. Airport surcharge 
€20.00 for both Paphos and Larnaca International Airport, payable at the counter on arrival.

21. Traffic Violations All fines and consequences because of administrative penalties are incurred by the customer and should be paid to the relevant authorities prior to return of the car.

22. Roadside assistance cover 
24 hours a day cost of €4.00 per rental day

23. Price Adjustments
Prices may be subject to change without any prior notice. 

Published: 2016.12.21